AVON Naturals Lip Balm Review

Age-defying products are usually sticked to the hands and face, but we mustn't forget how important it is to keep the lips looking Youthful and Slake

Sorry peeps for not writing since couple of days as I was very occupied with family during weekend. Summers are as it’s peak and so we planned for a Romantic outing at a Resort. It was a beautiful place to spend time with your loved one and you did surely love it too.
Today ‘m gonna share reviews of Cherry lip balm by Avon in their Naturals range. I got this product as a gift from Avon when I ordered few products. I am now in Love with this lip balm.
Age-defying products are usually reserved to the hands and face, but we mustn’t forget how important it is to keep the lips looking youthful and hydrate. I am very fond of lip balm as I prefer not to apply any lipstick (be it of any good  brand )when I am at home.


Price : Rs 199
Quantity : 4. 5 gms
Avon Claims :

“Avon Lip Balms provide 24 hrs mositurization on Lips with sun protection in Strawberry and cherry flavour, light weight and easy to apply.”

How to use:
It is a roll-on stick and easy to apply. You can use a finger to apply on lips or directly apply it through stick.
You all for sure love plumpy and pinky lips rather then chapped and dried lips. This lip balm gives a slight tint color when applied and keeps my lips moistured for hours , even after entire day’s work (gossiping and munching and drinking ). The SPF formula aslo protects my lips from tanning and keeps my lips moistured for 24*7. It is so light weight that you won’t even realise you have applied something and people won’t notice it! The cherry shade of it resembles a red lipstick so you do not need to apply any lipper. 


This comes in two beautiful shades cherry and strawberry with original flavours in it which makes your lips kiss ready! Read my post on how to get selfie pouting lips. 
It is definitely worth a buy as it is most commonly used compared to its cousin lipstick and gloss.
You know how a great lip balm can make Your lips smooth and soft instantly and a bad one can make them chapped.The purpose of this lip balm is to provide an occlusive layer on the lip surface to seal moisture in lips and protect them from external exposure. Dry air and wind ,  all have a drying effect on skin by drawing moisture away from the body. Lips are particularly vulnerable because the skin is so thin, and thus they are often the first to present signs of dryness. Applying lip balms at regular intervals and before bed time at night can prevent moisture loss from your lips .

A regular use of this lip balm helped me banish my cracked and dried lips in just 2 days.
If you find yourself suffering from exceptionally dry, sore and chapped lips, a soothing lip balm like Avon Natural’s Cherry/ Strawberry is a must.

If fruity balms are your thing, this one is undoubtedly for you.

Written by Rati Jain

I am working in bollywood and Punjabi film Industry since many years as a makeup Artist. I works as a freelancer in Delhi, India. Love to write for my readers

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