‘X’ Beauty Regime that You need to follow

You might have come across many Beauty Hacks while sitting among Friends or tips delivered to you by grannies.

Hey Peeps today I gathered few beauty hack that is followed by people in their day to day life And this list surely gonna have tips that you neva realised gonna be of great benefit for you. You might have come across many Beauty Hacks while sitting among Friends or tips delivered to you by grannies.

Though every person has a different skin structure and hair,  but few beauty regime and tricks works best on average People.

No Frizzy hair

No Frizz! Only Beachy Wavy Hair 

If your hair is naturally wavy but every time You let it air dry it would just get frizzy and wild. You would have noticed that when You pat hair dry with a towel it causes the frizz. So now use an old t-shirt to help soak up the extra water….. no more frizz! Just pretty beach wavy hair.Something about the fabric of a t-shirt being less rough and harsh than a bath towel.

Mixture of Moisturizer and Foundation

If You have a dehydrated skin , Put moisturizer on before You do any makeup and let it sit and absorb. When You are ready to do foundation,mix a bit more moisturizer into foundation. I use a palette but you could mix the foundation in your hand. You might have to play with the amount of moisturizer. I use about a 2:1 ratio of foundation to moisturizer Depending upon your skin type.
It just shears out the foundation so its not so heavy. This isn’t a great tactic if you want a heavier coverage or you have very oily skin. It can be a bit too much liquid, so I blot up excess moisture with a tissue and then set with a bit of powder.


Ever Wondered Why You have pimple on neck /back or shoulders?

Wash your pillow cases as often as you can. Just throw ’em in with every load of like colored laundry you do. It will work WONDERS for your skin. Seriously. I couldn’t figure out why on earth my skin was so bumpy and pimply and old-looking and then it occurred to me! I was just rolling around in my own face grossness for weeks at a time!
Clean pillow cases coupled with a nightly cleansing routine (cerave cleanser + stridex + coconut oil as a moisturizer for me) has cleared me right up in literally a week and a half.

 Common Beauty Hacks

Quick Tip for Lustorous Hair

Rinse you hair with cold water at the end of a shower. It may be less tolerable in colder environments, but it makes Your hair look fabulous when it dries.Cold water closes your hair’s cuticle = shiny and smooth Hair.

 Makeupxpert clap for a nap

Clap for a Nap

If you haved tried napping its great. There is a bunch of stuff online about power napping. But Ive found as someone who really needs 10 hours of sleep to function naps can really help. There tons of different cycles you can try out and unforunately you have to find something that fits with your work life school social schedule, but when I was pretty free of time obligations I had some really “strnage” sleep schedules that really helped me seep less and feel more awake. It’s worth looking into and reading about even just for the off day when you don’t get the sleep you need. A good 20 minute nap can be perfect.

 Common Beauty hacks

Try Dry Shampoo

When you don’t have time to wash hair , try using dry shampoo. This is being a common beauty hack amoung working men and women.
If you suffer from mad forehead grease and Your bangs become totally drenched in oil in like 30 min. I used to use corn starch which worked ok but was messy and you could only really use it after your hair is greasy otherwise it just turns your hair white (I have fairly dark brown hair). Now I can just spray on dry shampoo before I leave and my bangs stay grease-free all day. You just spray it on your hair roots, like a usual hair spray. then you massage it with your fingers and then brush it out.. like a minute process to awesome clean hair!

Use Batiste Dry Shampoo 


Heat Your Eyelash Curler

Yes, I know you love curling your lashes but ever wondered making your lash look really long and curled? Just heat your eyelash curler with a dryer before using it. Check the temprature With a finger tip to avoid any sort of burning, keep the curler parallel to the ground insted of keeping it at an angle to curl your lashes. I was shocked When I came to know feq of my female friends keep their curler in bra while they complete their makeup to avoid any sort of burning. ???? But this is true! Many of them do so.
Heating the eyelash curler makes your lashes look much longer and stay curled for a longer time. Keep a check on temp. Otherwise you can end up with falling lashes in a long course of time.

You can even buy automatic electronic heating curler which could be tension free.

French Braid your wet hair and See the Magic

French braid your wet hair. Best time is to do this at night. Braid it and go to sleep. With rising sun you will get nice , wavy hair without using any heat ( which means no damage to hair ) Yes! the key to this for sure is to not brush it after taking the braids out. At most, run fingers through it.
I know…  I know you all will love me for this .


I ???? You all too


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