How to do Cat Eyeliner

You need to look groomed when ever you step out of home. Be it day or night you should a nice eyeliner. Learn how to apply cat eyeliner for everyday makeup

Most of the girls think that heavy Makeup ,  dark eyes ,  Bold lips is not their cup of tea. 

Don’t forget applying Makeup means enhancing the Beauty (not changing your looks ). It is very important to feel beautiful from Inside. Being Happy is key to it. When you are happy , You have a natural blush and glow on your Face and eyes do the talking !

Today in this video I am gonna show you how to do cat eyeliner on nice and clear eyes that you can carry even on a Day Date ????

And It’s Super Easy ! 

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Written by Rati Jain

I am working in bollywood and Punjabi film Industry since many years as a makeup Artist. I works as a freelancer in Delhi, India. Love to write for my readers

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