Not many of us posses "Angelina jolie" Lips. Pouting Lips are Oh-So Hot! , If you ponder what to do to stout them . HERE IS THE SOLUTION

Makeup can make them appear  to be porky and plump.


Step 1

Apply a transparent lip balm to get rid from chapped lips , leave them with adequate amount of moisturizer. This even protects lips from any kind of chemical present in your cosmetics.

Step 2

Take a tissue and wipe out any layer of dry skin on lips. Reapply balm.

Step 3

Apply foundation matching your skin tone with a help of sponge. Use dab and blend technique.

This step helps you to be prepared for a new lip line to create a fuller lips. Dab some translucent powder on it to fix the foundation.

Step 4

Dab a little highlighter at the center of your top lip ,you’ll need a pinhead-sized amount of concealer for this part. This will emanate fabulous glow from the center of your lips.

Step 5

Over line your Cupid’s bow ( center of your top lip ) with a lip liner that is one or two shades darker then your natural lip color, as you continue the line from your Cupid’s bow out to the corners of your mouth, taper the line down to meet up with your natural lip line. Using a lip liner that’s similar to your natural lip color as darker lip liners are out of fashion and you want to give an original look to your lips.

Step 6

Starting from center of your lower lip , create a line an inch lower from your original lip line using a darker shade liner. Continue the line from center towards the corners of mouth, taper the line upwards to meet up with your natural lip line. Use shade liner that matches your natural lip shade.

Step 7

Clean any harsh line with a concealer which will be a tone lighter then your natural skin tone. Dab a concealer brush into concealer and draw around the lip line to create a more natural edge,  don’t forget to merge.

This will give your lips more realistic look.

Step 8

Fill in lips with a matte lipstick, to give your lipstick a matte finish , dip your finger in a translucent powder and gently dab it on applied lipstick. This also helps your lipstick to set and prevent it from smudging .

Step 9

Apply shimmery powder to center of top and lower lip. You can use your gold or sliver shimmery eye shadow or highlighter to draw light to center of lips.

Step 10

Voila! You are ready to Mesmerize boys. 



Dab a little cinnamon powder to make them temporarily swell a bit.

Brush your lips with a toothbrush to make them temporarily fuller and pinkish.


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