Learn To Massage Your Hair Loss Away

It  may be unfortunate, but nothing symbolizes youth like a thick and luscious set of hair.


The trouble is that as women age, the little blood vessels that are responsible for feeding the hair follicles under their scalps become smaller and more constricted, slowly depriving hair of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay alive.

The result is that hair becomes thinner and starts to fall out. Of course, there are certain hormonal changes that also lead to hair loss in women, but there are several ways of dealing with thinning hair without resorting to hormone replacement therapy.
Often, hair loss can be prevented by carrying out massage treatments on one’s own scalp with the goal of bringing a greater flow of blood to hair follicles and actually increasing the flexibility of one’s scalp. This is achieved by using one’s own fingertips to actually rub out the carbon dioxide, oil and dead cells that accumulate on the scalp as debris, where they ultimately choke circulation and destroy hair roots.
It is important to rub vigorously, paying attention to any thinning or bald spots instead of avoiding them. Although it may also seem counter productive, some say pulling at your hair in large clumps, once you have rubbed your entire scalp will actually strengthen your roots. Although there may be more hair loss in the beginning, keep in mind that this is hair that would have fallen off anyhow.
Some believe that after six to eight weeks of this strenuous massage regime, it isn’t uncommon for women to start seeing new hairs growing. For best results, it is actually best to massage one’s scalp twice a day.
It may sound like a big time investment. But when combined with a healthy and balanced diet, it can mean the difference between a lush head of hair or that new hat or bonnet.

Written by Rati Jain

I am working in bollywood and Punjabi film Industry since many years as a makeup Artist. I works as a freelancer in Delhi, India. Love to write for my readers

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