Rejuvenate Your Beauty In This Monsoon Season

Sweat and oil deposits makes the skin and hair really dull. But you can adjust your skin and hair care routine according to the season.

Monsoon Season means low imunnity level and high stress level.

You need to pay attention to your skin as it can react to dampness present in the atmosphere. You suddenly notice changes in your skin like oily skin and acne blast on your face due to humid climate.
Sweat and oil deposits makes the skin and hair really dull.

But you can adjust your skin and hair care routine according to the season.

Use cotton wool pads soaked in the skin tonic like cucumber liquid or green tea as eye pads. It is most relaxing and removes fatigue. Splashing the eyes with cold water also provides great relief and reduces irritation caused due to humid climate. With humid atmosphere comes contagious eye infections. Using eye drops and keep eye cool shoyld be a part of your daily routine.

For a monsoon face mask

mix 3 teaspoons oatmeal with one teaspoon each of honey and curd , mix it with add rose water or orange juice(do not use orange juice if you have sever pimple on face ). Apply it on the face and wash it off after half an hour. Use it twice a week. Dry and powdered orange peels or rose petals can also be added to the face pack.
Or, you can go for a fruit mask. They are most refreshing during hot and humid weather. You can also add cucumber pulp to the fruit mask, as it has an astringet effect and closes the pores.
Colagen sheets are very easily available in cosmetic stores these days. It is really beneficial for your skin during summer and monsoon.

Instead of throwing water melon peels, keep few in your refrigarator and put in on your face while you watch TV.

This will keep your dehydrated skin moisturised and hydrated for a long time. Cucumber also help to remove tan. Mango can be very nourishing for dry skin.

Wash your hair more often during the monsoons as they tend to fall more often due to sweat and fungus.

Tea and lemon juice also make a wonderful hair rinse, adding shine to the hair. Just boil used tea leaves again, in enough water. Cool, strain, add the juice of a lemon. Use it as a last rinse after shampoo. Henna is also a good conditioner and is actually very cooling. Add tea water to mix the henna, along with lemon juice to avoid fungus on scalp. More tips for beautiful hair
Add lemon juice and a splash of eau de cologne in cold water while you take a bath, it Cools, cleans and adds fragrance.
Body becomes dehydrated during the monsoons, it loses fluids through sweat. Drink plenty of water, lots of “nimbu paani” and fresh fruit juices diluted with water. Drinking electral mixed with cold water completes your nutritional needs and keeps your body hydrated.

 As fas as your look is concerned try using minimal makeup

As you do not want to sweat and get your perfect “kim kardasian” look to be washed off. You know well, Non-touring trend is In! Using primer according to your skin tone could help you to be a sarvivour as it will hold your makeup for a long time.
Trust me, water proof makeup products is a Myth. Only a mascara and liner can be waterproof and nothing else. So trust your knowledge and your right products that can work during humid climate.
Using face primer before foundation. Skipping pan cakes and Switching to cream blush instead of powder blush could help a lot. You should always use waterproof liner and mascara be it any season (you neva know when a good news can bring a tear drop on your waterline). Beautiful ladies always know how to handel their lips!
For your hairstyles go for updos and high pony tails if open bouncy hair irritates your during Monsoon.

Style yourself in the way that you love yourself. Being comfortable is most important. Drink lots of water. Take care of your hair and skin and enjoy this beautiful Monsoon season in your own way.

Written by Rati Jain

I am working in bollywood and Punjabi film Industry since many years as a makeup Artist. I works as a freelancer in Delhi, India. Love to write for my readers

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